Herb Steak Bowl 2.0.HEIC

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Blazzin Bowls is created!!  Kim and Steve Wanted a versatile meal that could be eaten though out the day, in a multiple of ways, in numerous situations, either stationary or on the move. 

Seeing the need for a Meal with better health value, more filling longer lasting calorie usage, 

And just a better tasting food option!


Blazzin Bowls Is a Hot Meal, Choose either a Herb Marinated Sliced Steak, Chimichurri  Boneless Chicken Breast, Jacked Up Salmon Fillet, Or Grilled Vegetables. 

All Choices are served over a bed of Jacks Rice, and a  side Simmered Black beans.  A local Green salad and bottle of water accompany every meal.  


 To serve a great tasting, versatile and fulfilling meals we are committed to being a scratch Culinary Space. Making  all our  marinades, dressings, rubs and spice mixtures.   From the raw to the packaged state we are passionate to provide a fresh made product, fast hot and ready to eat!!

ChimiChurri Chicken Bowl .HEIC